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Information From The Department of Education

Please take a look at an information poster published by the Department of Education for parents about the return to school on Monday.

Back To School On Monday

Dear Parents, We look forward to welcoming all the children back to school on Monday. We have been busy all week ensuring that everything is ready. On Monday morning our Resource teachers will be on hand to remind you of the lining up areas. Please do NOT arrive before your child's starting time. There can be no congregation on the school grounds. Its up to everyone to co-operate with the procedures to ensure that the school can stay open. Starting times: 1st classes at 9.00am 2nd classes at 9.10am Junior Infants at 9.20am Senior Infants at 9.30am You will receive a message via Aladdin directing you to a Declaration before Return to Education. It is important that you do not send your child into school with any Covid symptoms. Regarding uniforms we have had some questions from parents about difficulties in purchasing clothing at the moment. There is no problem whatsoever about sending your child in wearing a tracksuit or any other clothing. The important thing is that the children return. For the first two weeks back there will be no homework given as parents will still be engaging in the remote learning with the older children. Our focus will be on settling the children back to routine and revising a lot of the work covered over the past six weeks. Take care, stay safe and see you all soon, Ursula Martin

Return To School - Important Notice From Ms. Martin

Dear Parents, Following tonight's announcement we are delighted to say that Scoil Carmel will open next Monday for all pupils. We really look forward to welcoming all the children back to face to face teaching. The teachers did their best to support the children with online teaching and remote lessons but there is no substitute for the classroom. The social interaction is vital and I know that the children will be happy to return. Health and safety must be our top priority and we need your full co-operation with all our procedures and protocols to ensure that the school can stay open. Staggered opening times: 1st classes: 9.00am 2nd classes: 9.10am Junior Infants: 9.20am Senior Infants: 9.30am It is extremely important that each class group adheres to these times and does not arrive ahead of time. We ask that you do not bring older children onto school grounds. Given that Scoil Treasa is not opening and that will cause childcare issues please ask older children to wait in the car or at least outside the gate. It is simply too dangerous to have extra children on our premises. We remind all adults to wear masks/ face covering and to observe social distancing on school grounds. We managed to keep everyone safe for the first term and with your co-operation we will do our best to do so again. Good luck with the last few days of remote learning. Ursula Martin

Notice From Ms. Martin

As we approach the midterm break I want to thank you all for your engagement with the Remote Teaching and Learning. The teachers are doing their best to keep in touch and to support the children through this time. We are on the midterm break next week and everyone will be taking a well deserved rest. The remote teaching will resume on February 22nd. We are still unclear as to a date for our return to the school building. We have a plan in place for our special needs pupils and we are ready to implement it once an announcement is made.In the meantime some pupils are going to engage in the Supplementary Programme - similar to July Provision and the parents concerned have been informed about the scheme. We hope that all pupils will be able to return to school in early March but, obviously, that depends on transmission rates and Public Health advice, Take care, take a break and stay safe, Ursula Martin

Safer Internet Day 2021

Tuesday the 9th February is National and International Safer Internet Day. It is an annual event which will help us to focus our attention making children's experiences with the Internet a safe one. And in times like these where teachers are remote teaching and children are accessing online educational resources and participating on zoom calls with their classmates and teacher, it is the perfect opportunity to integrate Internet safety education at an age appropriate level for them. So we thought we would share some Internet safety stories, lessons and videos which you can watch with your child. They might help engage them in conversation about how to be a responsible user of the Internet and know when to ask for permission and help when needed.

Update From Ms Martin

Dear Parents, As we face into the third week of remote teaching and we are learning that this situation may continue for longer than we originally expected it's important that we pace ourselves and just do the best we can to support the children. The teachers are maintaining contact and delivering the curriculum through the various media. Remember for young children everything is learning and all activities will develop their language skills,hand eye co-ordination and fine motor skills. In terms of our special needs pupils we have a plan in place to deliver a face to face teaching situation to these pupils. It will involve our Resource teachers and SNAs. We have been in touch with the parents of all children involved and while some parents have, understandably, said they would not send their children in at the moment others have indicated that they would take part. If the plan is given the green light we will be in touch with more details. The top priority has to be safety and even though this is not where any of us want to be it's where we are and we can only do our best. Thank you for your continued co-operation and take care, Ursula Martin January 25th 2021

Update From Ms. Martin

Dear Parents, As we begin our 2nd week of remote teaching I would like to thank all of you for your co-operation and dedication. The teachers are doing their best to maintain contact and ensure that the children engage with the curriculum as effectively as possible. We have a contingency plan to provide in-school teaching for a number of our special needs pupils. Details will be communicated to the relevant parents if agreement is reached this week on the Health and Safety concerns involved. As ever the top priority must be safety so take care and good luck this week, Ursula Marin

Our Parents Are Our Stars Of The Week!

Every Friday we nominate a 'Star Of The Week' from each class. The star is a child who has maybe worked really hard that week, shown kindness and caring and really tried their best even when something was tricky. This week we believe this is exactly what all parents have done at home when supporting your child's schooling this week. You have worked with us and with your child during this difficult week as well as juggling homelife and your own work commitments. We salute you and thank you for everything you are doing! Your award is to take a break today when you can, and sit and have a nice cup of tea or coffee with a treat! Thank you from all the staff of Scoil Carmel

New Year Update From Ms. Martin

Happy New Year. As you all know by now schools will be closed for the month of January. This is not what any of us wanted but the landscape has changed completely since December 22nd. After a very successful first term returning now is not an option. Given the increased transmission rates there would be huge issues in terms of both staffing and sustainability. I have contacted all the teachers in relation to remote learning. We are holding a zoom staff meeting on Friday to co ordinate the work. I have also arranged for the school to be open from 10 until 12 on Friday to facilitate teachers collecting books and materials. As you know we took the precaution of sending home the textbooks and this should help with the home schooling. We will continue to update you as the closure continues. The priority must be health and safety at this critical time for our country. We will do all in our power to support you and the children in the coming weeks. As I said last time just do your best and don't stress about covering all the work. During January we will continue to process applications for Junior Infants 2021. We will also use this time to hold the Parent/ Teacher meetings. The teachers will contact you to set up an appointment by phone or zoom. Please take care and stay safe, Ursula Martin

Important Notice From Ms. Martin

Dear Parents, A positive case of Covid19 has been identified in Ms. Mc Carthy's class. The HSE have carried out a risk assessment and decided to recommend testing of all children and teachers in Room 10 on December 22nd. In each case the school is obliged to follow the instructions given by Public Health. We will continue to do all in our power to keep all the children safe. We have been asked to pass on this message from the HSE: "A confirmed case of Covid19 in Scoil Carmel has been notified to the Department of Public Health. A public health risk assessment has been carried out and the staff and parents deemed to be close contacts of the confirmed case have been contacted and advised.If your child is not identified as a close contact your child does not need a test and no further action is required at this time. If your child develops symptoms suggestive of Covid19 please contact your GP and begin restricting your child's movements as per public health advice.Restricted movement means avoiding contact with other people and social situations as much as possible.Further information is available on" Take care and stay safe, Ursula Martin

Christmas Doors & Artwork 2020

The children decorated every door in the school and created wonderful art so each class could do a Christmas tour of the school! Well done to everyone for getting into the spirit of Christmas and making Scoil Carmel look so festive!

Merry Christmas Medleys

We couldn't do our annual Christmas plays and concerts for all the families this year, so instead the children and teachers worked really hard to create these Christmas medleys of songs and poems! There is a wonderful mix of old and new favourites and we're sure you'll enjoy rockin' around your Christmas Trees to our medleys! Merry Christmas Everyone!

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