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Standardised Tests

In Scoil Carmel, we use the Drumcondra English and Maths standardised tests at 1st and 2nd Class level. The Drumcondra tests at 1st Class level are designed to be used as screening tests i.e. the primary purpose of these tests is to identify pupils who may be at risk of difficulties, so that further assessment can be carried out and their needs addressed. While the Drumcondra tests at 2nd Class level are used to help measure your child’s achievement compared to other children in all schools at the same class or age level. They also help to identify if there is a need for further monitoring or if additional support is required.

Your child's results in these standardised tests will be communicated to you through the end of year school report. In advance of receiving your child's report, we have compiled a guide using information from the NCCA website which will help you interpret the standardised test results on your child's report. Please click here to open it.

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It is important to remember:

  • That standardised tests such as these form only one part of the "jigsaw of information" about your child’s overall progress

  • Results should always be framed in a broader context

  • The school gleans much important information from a variety of valuable sources e.g. routine observation, class and individual tasks, class participation, various assignments and homework, teacher-designed tasks and tests and other tests, reports and feedback

  • All of this information helps us to plan and work around optimising your child’s learning. In the usual way, your child’s teacher will be in touch should a need for further monitoring or support be identified

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