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World Book Day


We celebrate World Book in Scoil Carmel every year!

It is a great way to celebrate our love for reading and acknowledge the journey we are on in becoming fluent readers from Junior Infants to 2nd Class. Not only do the children in Scoil Carmel love learning to read, they also love listening to stories and the adventure a story can take then on in their minds and imaginations! You can see from the photo galleries below the joy that is present for books, reading, listening and learning in our school!

World Book Day 2024 - Photo Gallery

World Book Day 2023 - Slideshow

World Book Day 2022 - Book Trail

Every class in the Scoil Carmel decorated their doors to reflect their favourite storybooks and the children were able to travel around the school to see the wornderful array of books children love listening to reading on our school!

World Book Day 2022 - Quad Trail

Our quad area was set up with scene from well know storybooks this year. Every class in the Scoil Carmel had the change to visit the quad and see if they could figure out all the well known and loved storybooks on display. They had great fun and earned a night off homework for guessing all of them correctly!

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