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Our New Classroom - Room 28

Updated: Sep 2, 2023

After a lot of building work, planning and preparation, we were delighted to open the doors to our new classroom this week. It is a state of the art modular build, that has been a labour of love from eveyone involved in Scoil Carmel. On Thursday morning, Ms. Fitzmaurice, Brian, Caoline and Sinead welcomed their students into Room 28. It was a pleasure to see the children skipping in the door and waving happily to their parents as they began their journey in their new classroom! Our new ASD classroom is a wonderful asset to our entire school community. We are so proud of what has been achieved by teamwork and perseverance over the past year to get this classroom up and running. Thank you to our principal Ms. Quinn who oversaw the building project from day one and supported and collaborated with Ms. Jones and Ms. Fitzmaurice over the summer to get this room ready for the new school year. We are grateful to the parents of the students in Room 28, teachers, SNAs, and entire school community for their patience, support and enthusiasm throughout the building process. It was worth the wait - here are a few photos to show you inside!


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