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School News

New School Sign

As part of the review of the Code of Behaviour policy, it was agreed to undertake the initiative of brightening up the physical school environment. Replacing the school sign at the front of the school was one part of the project. The new sign was installed today. It is absolutely fabulous.

Ms Jones and Ms Fitzmaurice designed the new crest, incorporating the school motto: "Together We Grow and Learn" which was chosen last year as part of the review of the Code of Behaviour. The new crest is very vibrant and sharp. They also designed the layout for the new school sign incorporating both the school crest and motto. Ms Fitzmaurice created a digital version of the design for the school sign which was sent to the professionals for production.

I think you will all agree that the new sign is fantastic. It helps brighten up the school grounds. A photograph was taken today of the Second Classes with the new school sign.


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