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100 Days Of School

On Friday February 10th, we celebrated our 100th day in school this year. It was a time for us to reflect on all of the hard work and fun we have had during those first 100 days. We got to celebrate the success we have had and the friends we have made. We marked this day in school in a very special way.

Jessica, Sarah, Natalie and Amelia, from Ms Wilson’s class helped to design an amazing countdown poster at the front of our school. Mrs Mc Grath helped the Junior and Senior Infant classes design 100 spring flowers to brighten up the front of our school.

The second class children went on a very special visit to Scoil Treasa and got to work with the third class children on some fun activities. They completed a ‘Break the Classroom’ challenge and worked together on some Lego coding. It was a great opportunity for our second class students to learn about the school many of them will be going to next year. We would like to thank the staff and students in Scoil Treasa for being such wonderful hosts.

Within each class, the children experienced lots of fun challenges all based around the number 100. There were scavenger hunts, dice games, songs, exercises, construction activities, measuring, problem solving, quizzes, amazing artwork and stories taking place throughout the day.

We were also delighted to make 100 birthday cards for Gareth Smith, a local man, who turned 100 years old on February 16th. It was an honour to be able to mark this very special birthday for him. We have had a fun and busy 100 days at school and we are all very excited to discover what new things we discover and learn during the rest of this school year.


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