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School News

New Climbing Walls & Sensory Room Set Up

There was great excitement after the mid-term break when the children saw the new climbing walls in the Senior Infants yard! They are a great addition to our outdoor space as they facilitate an increase in physical activity in children regardless of age or ability and make the learning of fundamental movement skills including co-ordination, agility and gross motor skills fun for all children. We have also worked on our sensory room this year and have started to equip it with resources that facilitate a range of alerting and calming activities for children to be used depending on their needs. The equipment purchased to date has been bought after consultation with an OT and we will continue to adapt and add to it as the year continues. Funding for all these new resources is thanks to the generosity of the school community during last year's sponsored walk - so once again thank you to everyone who so kindly contributed!


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