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Active Week 2021

Updated: Aug 29, 2021

Dear parents,

Following on from our wonderful wellness week we will be celebrating all things active next week! As we have come through the most challenging year we have all realised what the important things are in our lives. To this end we want to highlight to our wonderful children how important being active is both now and throughout their whole lives.

Due to the lockdown and pandemic they have seen you, their parents and relations walk/ cycle/ hike much more than ever before and enjoy the outdoors both locally and beyond. This is actually a huge gift that you as parents have bestowed on them!

We call it physical literacy, in other words being aware of their strengths in terms of movement, fitness and agility. It is not about being the best player on the GAA or soccer team but rather an awareness of the importance of being involved in sport of any and many types and an enthusiasm to take part.

Physical wellbeing is intrinsically linked to mental wellbeing and we hope to encourage your children to become physically active and involved. We want to see them happy and having fun ! So next week they can wear their tracksuit every day. There will be physical activities for homework . We will have a few coaches in for dancing and GAA and each class will take a walk down by our beautiful Dodder walk.

We will have a special day on Wednesday where we ask as many of you as you can to cycle/walk /scoot to school. We will call it COW WEDNESDAY (cycle on Wednesday ). We will do a head count of all on bikes and see what our top score is. Your bikes will be kept safe behind the green railings. If you can’t bring bikes /scooters don’t worry, walk if possible even part of the journey. The idea is to celebrate being out in the fresh air and out of the car. Decorate your bikes with as much bling as you want....ribbons, bells, streamers!!!!!

Looking forward to seeing you all!

Active School Committee

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