Vetting Applications

Applications for vetting are submitted electronically in a process known as E-Vetting.


The National Vetting Bureau (NVB) is no longer accepting paper applications. 


Please see Vetting Invitation (NVB 1) form. You should give this to the applicant and ask him or her to complete Section 1 and 2.  Please ensure the form is completed fully and clearly.  Section 3 is to be completed by you on behalf of the organisation requesting the vetting (parish/school/diocesan agency). At this point in the process you must validate the identity of the applicant (see below).

You should post the original Invitation Form to this office and keep a copy for your files. The applicant will then receive an email from NVB with their online application form (NVB 2).  If they do not complete this within 30 days the form becomes invalid and they will have to re-apply.

Please note the Vetting Form (NVB 2) is only issued to the applicant. The organisation (parish/school/diocesan agency) does not have access to these forms. 

Garda Vetting